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Whether it is for the service dog, the handler, or the family, medical costs add up quickly. The additional stress of medical bills compound the pathway to wellness. the ability to rapidly apply funds to medical bills for physical and emotional treatment, can dramatically assist in how long recovery will take. Our goal is to respond within 1 week of request. Early diagnosis and treatment can also reduce required treatment. Your donations allow us to respond quickly and effectively.


Food and basic necessities can go a long way to support families and service dogs. Service dogs in retirement may have extraordinary dietary and nutritional needs, which can be costly. In addition, Always Beside You has partnered and continues to seek partners who produce and sell nutritious meals (from animal nutrition specialists to grocery store chains). Our goal is to connect resources and food from suppliers to the need as rapidly as possible.


There are numerous variations of supplies that are needed for dog handler families and the dog, including the maintenance of supplies as they wear out. Supplies for service dogs range from kennel materials, bedding, anxiety-reducing toys, leashes, harnesses, collars, and protective fencing. From the personal standpoint, there may be clothing, housing, or transportation needs for the working dog family. Always Beside You reviews requests that will make the highest positive impact to the situation. 


There are events that support the families of dog handlers that assist in healing along the journey. There are also events such as memorials, competitions, and reunions for handlers and their families. These events help families create positive memories with people in similar situations and interests, where ideas and laughs can be shared. Always Beside You sponsors such events which include food and equipment rentals. We also seek restaurants and equipment rental companies for donations to offset costs. 

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Apply For Aid

Project Always Beside You is an organization that exists because of generous donations from the public. Because of this, funds are limited, and we want to make sure aid is available for those who need it the most.  

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